A new milestone for Entreprendre ici


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A new milestone for Entreprendre ici

Launch of its honorific grant program for enthnocultural diversity entrepreneurs


Montreal, July 19, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Entreprendre Ici, whose mandate is to promote and drive entrepreneurship within ethnocultural communities across Quebec, and in all regions, is pleased to launch the honorific grant program allowing entrepreneurs to benefit from up to $25,000.

Exclusive to ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs who are planning to create or grow their business, the honorific grant program is designed to support them in the realisation of their project. The submission period for the inaugural cohort in 2018 is from July 16 to August 24 inclusively.

The complete details of the honorific grant program can be found at https://entreprendreici.org/en/honorific-grants/.

"We firmly believe that diversity contributes to the economical and social development of Quebec," said Amina Gerba, Chair of the Board of Entreprendre ici. "Putting together a program that offers generous grants for entrepreneurs from diverse cultural communities demonstrates our support and gives them the means to realize their dreams. And we feel that all of Quebec will grow from this initiative!"

A first Board meeting for Entreprendre ici

Bringing together members from all walks of life whose achievements have contributed to Québec's budding reputation, but also to that of the cultural communities to which they belong, Entreprendre ici's 11 members composing its board of directors will operate and govern the organization with passion and discernment.

They are: Ms. Amina Gerba, President and CEO of Africa Expansion Inc., Ms. Mary Anne Carignan, President at Purkinje Inc., Ms. Souad Elmallem, Executive Partner at 6Témik, Ms. Sylvie Madore, President and CEO at Les Promotions Universelles SM Inc, Mr. Pierre Naider Fanfan, President and CEO at Probiosphère, Ms. Thi Be Nguyen, Founder of Uniaction and Director of the Office of the Presidency and Philanthropy "Ambassador of Diversity" of the National Bank of Canada, Mr. François De Paul Nkombou, CPA Auditor, Ca, Associate President of FPRP CPA INTERNATIONAL and President of the Audit Committee of UQAM, Mr. Stéphane Pipon, President of MDI Consulting and Technologies, Mr. Oscar Ramirez, Architect and Co-Founder of Cardin, Ramirez, Julien, Stéphanie Raymond Bougie, lawyer at NOVAlex and founder of Générations d'idées and Éric Sinopoli, President and Co-Founder of Cupcake Coqulikot.

Note that the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion will also each have a member serve as an observer on the Board.

A first appointment for Entreprendre ici

Entreprendre ici has equally appointed Mr. Payam Eslami, who will serve as the Executive Director for the organization. Mr. Eslami has nearly 15 years of management and finance expertise and has acted as a commercial finance expert, as well as a podcast host.

"The creation of our Board of Directors and the appointment of our Executive Director are another step towards the emergence of a real agent of change that will support and foster the entrepreneurial spirit among members of Quebec's cultural communities," continued Amina Gerba, Chair of the Board of Entreprendre Ici. "Very often, their heads are full of ideas and they are willing to roll up their sleeves to develop their project. However, the challenges they face are numerous, from a brief credit history to a lack of knowledge of the tools available to entrepreneurs. Our mission is to support and accompany them in bringing their dreams to life, all while promoting the economic vitality of Quebec."

About Entreprendre ici:

Entreprendre Ici is a national organization whose mandate is to promote and drive entrepreneurship within cultural communities across Quebec. The mission of the organization is to offer a personalized approach in order to facilitate the entrepreneurs' journeys, to help them overcome systemic barriers and to guide them in the use of existing services in Quebec.

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Pour plus d'information, visitez : https://entreprendreici.org/en/honorific-grants/.

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