Who we are

Our mission

To provide ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs with personalized support in order to facilitate their entrepreneurial journey, help them overcome systemic barriers and guide them through Quebec’s various entrepreneurship support services.

We are very proud of the Québec cultural wealth, and we believe that this wealth depends in large part on the ethnocultural diversity of our businesses. Based on our network of more than 600 organizations, we lead ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs to the appropriate resources to make their business and projects a success. Overcome systemic barriers, find appropriate specialized resources, and take advantage of customized guidance for every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Description of the organization

Entreprendre ici is a provincial organization committed to addressing issues faced by entrepreneurs from Quebec’s different ethnocultural communities, with a view to increase the number of ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs.

Start up your business project

Are you a Québec newcomer who wants to build a business? Or have you been living in Québec for a number of years and are thinking of starting a business? No matter what your sector or your experience, we can offer guidance and put you into contact with the appropriate organizations to bring your project to reality.

Develop your business

If you already own a business established in Québec, count on us to provide advice and point you toward the appropriate resources to help you expand your business.

Buy an existing business

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?Whether you were born in Québec, have just arrived, or have been living here for a number of years, we can provide guidance and point you toward different resources adapted to your needs to help you with the acquisition and development of a business in Québec.