Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get all the answers to your questions about submitting applications and honorary grants.

There is no limitation as to the legal form that a company must have. The only condition is that the company must be registered with the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec before the grant is awarded.
Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or in possession of a Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ) Be 18 years of age or older Hold alone at least 45% of the shares of the business or hold with partners, who also meet the two previous eligibility criteria, at least 45% of the shares of the business Submit updated documentation if reapplying for the grant Soumettre des documents à jour si c'est une réapplication pour la bourse
Be registered in the Quebec Business Register Have its head office in Quebec Not be registered in the Registre des entreprises non admissibles aux contrats publics (RENA)
All finalists must attend the gala. In case of force majeure, please designate a representative.
Projects will only be accepted during the application period from July 3rd, 9:00 a.m. to August 21st 2023, cut-off time 12:00 (noon).
45% of the company's shares must be held by one or more ethnoculturally diverse partners.
No, this is a non-repayable financial contribution of $25,000.
Applications are submitted online via a form to be filled out. A business plan will help you in the filling of the form. A 2-year financial projection is mandatory.
An executive summary of no more than three pages (mandatory use of the template below - any excess of three pages will result in the disqualification of the candidate) Financial statements (for each year of activity of your business up to a maximum of 3 years) Proof of NEQ (Québec Enterprise Number) A 2-year financial projection (using our mandatory template) Proof of citizenship or permanent residency (copy of Canadian passport, copy of citizenship card, copy of permanent residency card, or copy of Quebec selection certificate (CSQ))
Yes, there is no age limit, the honorific grant is open to any entrepreneur 18 years of age or older.
No, the honorary grants are open to all sectors of activity with the exception of projects of a sexual, political or religious nature, projects related to illicit or recreational drugs, bar or nightclub projects.
The evaluation of the applications is done in French, therefore it is necessary to send the application in French. Furthermore, a minimum of French (oral expression) is required as finalists are invited to pitch in French.