The Entreprendre ici Parcours Démarrage comprises a variety of activities related to start-up and marketing with one section addressing the entrepreneurial realities of ethnoculturally diverse communities throughout Québec.


Hosted by the team from the École des entrepreneurs du Québec, this 40-hour program is intended to help you align your business start-up and marketing strategies.


Implemented with the collaboration of the École des entrepreneurs and financed by Entreprendre ici.


Develop new entrepreneurial skills and knowledge

What factors lead to business success? How do I become a successful entrepreneur?


Find new business opportunities

How do I harvest sensitive information? How can I use setbacks to lead to winning solutions?


Solve the main issues of marketing

How well do I know my market? What roles does the entrepreneur play?


Sales simulation

Are you making your first sales? Would you like to optimize your sales practices?


Concrete, method-based guidance

Because the path is oriented toward marketing technique, the activities are based more on tactics than strategy.

During the self-diagnosis of needs at the start of the path, entrepreneurs are asked about complementary themes for which there is an interest in their business.

Program content

Lists of services offered

Each selected entrepreneur will have access to the following basket of services:

    • A psychometric test

    • A 1.5-hour interpretation of the psychometric test by a Nova specialist

    • Synchronous training (14 workshops)

    • Asynchronous training (video training capsules)

    • A panel of experts

    • Two co-development sessions

    • 10 hours of coaching

Specialized workshops

3-hour session over an 8-week period, remote learning (ZOOM)

  1. Entrepreneurial DNA
  2. The business culture in Québec
  3. The value proposition
  4. Know your competition
  5. Know your clientele
  6. Marketing
  7. Digital marketing – The website
  8. Digital marketing - Social media
  9. Inspiring Entrepreneurs activity – panel of experts
  10. Customer development and solicitation
  11. The seven steps of sales
  12. Human resources management
  13. Financing tools
  14. Sales management and financial forecasting
  15. Co-development and closure activity



New session coming soon



Free of charge

Eligibility criteria

  • Be from an ethnoculturally diverse community
  • Understand French and speak it fluently
  • Own a company that has been in activity for at least 6 months

Selection grid

Criteria 20 pts
Motivations 5
Owner 5
Seniority of the activity 3
Business volume 3
Location of the activity 2
Number of employees 1
Activity having received financing 1

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