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Starting a business in Québec is everyone’s business. We invite men and women from around the world, without regard to their beliefs, country of origin, orientation, age, or education level, to contribute to the economic development of Québec by starting a business. Take advantage of equal opportunities to launch your business project.

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When you arrive in Québec, many possibilities are open to you. At Entreprendre ici, we provide advice and guidance to immigrants who wish to start a business anywhere in the province.

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Are you wondering about your capacity to run a business? If you’ve been dreaming about a business project for a long time, we’ll help you make it a reality.

Overcome systemic barriers

Your country of origin and your status as an immigrant should not impede your integration into the Québec business world. Entreprendre ici has the mandate of helping you overcome systemic barriers that you may encounter and ensuring that you are considered on the same basis as all other entrepreneurs.

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Get information and maximize your chances of success. We put you in contact with more than 600 entrepreneurship organizations in Québec.

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