ABCs of starting a business in Québec

This section of the website is devoted to practical information you can use to make your business project in Québec a success. You’ll find basic information that applies to all entrepreneurs, as well as specific information to help you understand exactly how entrepreneurship works in Québec.

A - Adapting your skills and knowledge

Laws and regulations may vary widely from one country to another. Take the time to analyze your situation carefully and learn how to verify your status and check whether or not your profession or trade is regulated.

B - Being well aware of the Québec entrepreneurial ecosystem

Québec is very different from region to region. Before you start, take the time to understand Québec and find the right assistance organizations.

Three ways to start a business

Find out the advantages and drawbacks of the three ways to start a business: starting from scratch, buy the assets or shares of an existing business, and acquiring a franchise or dealership.

C - Comprehending the start-up process

In the process of starting a business, the market study and the business plan are essential steps.


Finding financing is a crucial step for starting your business. See how to build your credit record and why it is so important.

 Establishing your business

Establishing your business is a pivotal step. A number of factors must be taken into account, such as the choice of legal structure, the name of the business, registration, and the permits and licences needed to begin your activity legally.

 Income and other taxes

Whether you are self-employed or have a business, no matter what its legal structure, you have obligations with regard to taxes (GST, QST, income tax). Make sure you respect them.

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