Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Get all the answers to your questions regarding the submission of applications and the honorary scholarships.

There is no limitation as to the legal form that a company must have. The only condition is to have registered the project with the Registrar of Companies of Quebec before you apply for the grant.
To apply for the honorific grant, the entrepreneur (s) must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
The presence of all finalists is mandatory at the virtual gala. In case of force majeure, please appoint a representative.
Projects will only be accepted during the candidacy period which will be from August 10 to August 31st,2020 at 12h pm (noon).
The rule that at least 50% shares/ ownership should be held by individuals belonging to the ethnocultural diversity should be respected.
No, this is a fixed non-refundable financial contribution of $ 25,000.
Yes, the amount of the grant is taxable.
It is not necessary to have a business plan. However, it will help you complete the application form available online, and which contains sections about the market study, the financial plan, the marketing plan, and the plan of operations (non exhaustive list). Please refer to the 2020 candidacy Guide for more information about each section of the online form.
Proof of status (Permanent Residence or Citizenship), proof of registration with the Registrar of Companies of Quebec (NEQ), executive summary of 3 pages maximum (use the mandatory model available on the 2020 grant application webpage), financial statements (for each year of activity up to 3 years maximum), financial projections (use the mandatory model available on the 2020 grant application webpage), filling the online form.
Yes, there is no age limit, the honorific grant is open to any entrepreneur aged 18 and over.
No, honorific grants are open to all sectors of activity except for projects of a sexual, political or religious nature, projects related to illicit or recreational drugs, bar or night club projects.
All phases of entrepreneurial development are accepted from the moment the eligibility conditions are met.
It is important to note that the executive summary, the financial statements, and the financial projections will only be available to the jury members at pitch phase of the process. Therefore, it is imperative that all the online form sections contain complete and precise information without any reference to the above-mentioned documents which will not be examined by the evaluators during the first phase of selection.
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