Break down systemic barriers

Your country of origin and your status as an immigrant should never impede your integration into the Québec business world. Entreprendre ici has the mandate of helping you overcome systemic barriers that you may encounter.

Make your business project a reality

At Entreprendre ici, we help ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs of all origins find the resources necessary to take their project from dream to reality.

Overcome entrepreneurship challenges

We understand the challenges that ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs face throughout Québec. No matter what your sector, we can advise you and guide you on the path to concrete solutions.

Break down systemic barriers

Mastery of the language, business referrals, tips for expanding a network of contacts: we give you the tools you need to overcome the difficulties in the system.

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Get information and maximize your chances of success. We put you in contact with more than 600 entrepreneurship organizations in Québec.

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